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About me. 

Hey, guys. My name’s Vincent Vecchio based out of Vancleave, Mississippi, and ever since I was a wee little kid the art of the written word’s been my absolute passion. Many times I considered giving it up, but something kept inviting me back to it; throughout the vicissitude of my life, whether I was homeless and panhandling outside crummy fast food joints, couch surfing all over the Coast/lonely and sleeping out of my car in parks ‘neath the stars, lost in the woods with no one but the trees to talk to, I’ve always had a pen and paper nearby to jot SOMETHING down from my noggin. Writing is an old friend that’s kept me rooted and at peace within myself, and over the last couple of years thanks to hard work and the love/support from friends and family, I’ve been lucky enough to have my poetry published in The Write Launch, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Humans of the World, The Evening Street Review and Phantom Kangaroo. Aside from magazines, I proudly have two books — Harmony and Ally Hollics — out now & distributed through Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Amazonkindle, Baker & Taylor, Rakuten kobo, tolino, Borrow Box, SCRIBD, OverDrive, bibliotheca, hoopla, and vivlio, so check ‘em out. Links are provided through my site. Peace & love, friends, and never stop chasing dreams! 

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