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Merciless cancer cells.

Pneumonia in the lungs.

But a week before your birthday

Death’s bell is rung.

Dull machines beep,

Ticking off your precious seconds.

To be with God, to be with God

He, the Almighty, beckons.

Rosary beads,

Tubes that feed,

Your loved ones

Near that weep.

I’d sell my soul

a thousand times

So you the earth would keep.

Receptionist phones ringing,

A laugh among the staff

Down the hall.

Life goes on singing

Even amid Heaven’s call.

My mind’s rife with memories,

Softly they pass through…

I can only hope to one day maybe

Be half the man as you…

Gentle chest heaves.

Soon they’ll cease.

Soon you’ll leave

& soon you’ll have peace.

I’ll miss you, Dad.

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