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Updated: Apr 14, 2022


An owl hoo-hoo-hoots from a limb in the distance.

Dogs howl on a whim w/ lonesome persistence.

Dull street lamps cue a promenade of dreams

As the body bags of day dissolve at their seams —

One by one drown this maudlin town’s obbligatos;

Leaden heads sink down


down to sleepy grottos;

Our homely marble lulled to a mumble…

And here I sit amidst it all, humble

Child of moon gaze gradually shaking off

The muddy mundanity of another afternoon daze,

Enthralled by this ethereal theatre — O


spectacular insomnia!

How shameless shine its stars.

Those zodiacs all astir, astral scars

Etched across a cosmic kaleidoscope

I could only hope t’elope.

Baby god glittered art project

Dark matter glued, Big Bang brewed,

Black, beige, infrared hued.

Prodigious gift of The Great Rift.

Our whole galaxy sashaying in a shift

Of nebulas, novas, comets & planets in

Elliptical pirouettes, martian marionettes

Under spell by some unseen, bored,

possibly pot-bellied magician

Always one absent-minded thought away

From letting it all collapse.

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