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Ally Hollics

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

For the earliest years of her life, Ally’s dragged along by her mom, Erin, to crash on the couches of whatever party was occurring that evening. But the party comes to an end one summer when Erin’s excessive drunkenness becomes too much for their friends, and in an act of desperation after burning every bridge to avoid homelessness, she reconnects with Ally’s estranged father, Ian. What starts out as the warm family life Ally has always dreamed of soon descends into a cesspool of domestic abuse from her father’s booze-fueled frenzies of rage against Erin. Ally— but an impressionable child— innocently caught in the middle struggles juggling her emotions in understanding such senseless violence. On one hand, her mom is callous and cruel towards her while intoxicated, so why bother being concerned about her abuse? On the other, how many more bruises? How many more black eyes? How many more busted lips and fractured ribs from her father, the man she admires most, till his wickedness is no longer okay?

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