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Bourbon Bumblebees

Some people want to be like fine wine,

But baby, I want to be the bourbon

That makes you get up & boogie

Half-naked & half-full of bad decisions;

That allows you t’feel it’s OKAY

To roll around in a field of dandelions,

Forgetting your financial troubles;

That everyone’s opinion is dumb,

And so is yours, so why not shout it

For all to hear? Let’s be humble

Lil’ bourbon bumblebees & buzz

T’wherever the night takes us.

That makes you wanna blow kisses

Into the void because you know what?

You’re worth a damn;

That convinces you to order takeout

From that questionable Italian restaurant

That almost failed their health inspection

Because you can’t resist a good pasta;

That gives you the courage to finally

Send that raunchy text to an old fling;

That has you admit the Twilight movies

Were actually pretty entertaining;

That when trauma creeps its icky,

Little tendrils up your throat

& gets stuck there, you just

Wash it back down— for tonight, at least—

Because tonight we’re saying to hell

With our unspoiled lives and livers,

Meticulously calculated calorie intakes,

Yoga routines, asscrack of dawn jogs,

Fancy dry-cleaned suit ‘n’ ties

& modest eyes. We’re getting sloppy…

& possibly befriending and keeping

An opossum as a pet.

*Featured in the Autumn 2023 issue of New Note Poetry

and my latest chapbook of poems, Under the Bridge & Other Absurdities

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