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More Guns, Please

Updated: May 7

Another lifeless mother

covered with a sheet on the street,

Riddled with bullets like a dog is with fleas.

And how shall we silence

this barbaric drumbeat?

More guns, more guns,

Yes, give us more guns, please.

Another terrified kid in class

Simply learning basic math.

Little did he know yesterday

was the last time he’d laugh.

But how shall this reality be stifled?

How shall it be suppressed?

Please, more rifles, more rifles.

That’ll fix this mess.

Another ordinary day on the subway,

Citizens unwary on the platform,

On their way to the office

as is the working norm.

But then bullets start flying,

One by one they drop dying!

Lord, how shall we stop this?

This disturbance of tradition?

Please, please, more guns.

Please, more ammunition.

The big wigs in Washington

don’t dig these statistics,

but then waste all day bitchin’

how the other’s sadistic.

It’s “in our Constitution.”

It’s our “God-given right,”

But I think God’s shakin’ his head

at the senseless dead

now seein’ the Light.

Big coffins, little coffins, some carved

From the finest wood around,

but yes, yes,

more guns, please,

As ten-year-old Timmy’s

Laid to rest in the ground.

*featured in my latest chapbook of poems, Under the Bridge & Other Absurdities

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