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Never Ash in a Fly’s Eden

Updated: May 7

Never ash a cigarette in a fly’s Eden.

Never forget the food others are needin’.

Despite your brood,

Enlightened attitude,

How rude of you to ash in a fly’s Eden.

Some of us have crumbs ‘n’ dreams.

Some of us are bums with cash.

But despite how it seems,

When you’re succeedin’,

How rude of you to ash

In a fly’s Eden.

Held prisoner by poverty

The jail cell of the nickel’s all he’s known,

And for a dime or more maybe

He’ll know what it’s like to not be alone.

But no matter where he’ll buzz

The Fuzz’ll always bitch and moan,

Tell him t’get t’walkin’

With his feet walked down to bone.

The pigs rule the sty,

Their snouts held high decreein’

How they sure can’t stand the fly

Trying to make his own Eden.

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