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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

O you recherché fleece of peace,

You sapphire snug in the brain,

Why of all mankind’s desire

Yours is the hardest to retain?

In dreamy childhood we understood

The rhythm of your smooth jive,

Hakuna Matata kumbayas, feelin’ so alive.

E’ery goof and gaffe was just another

Reason to love and to laugh like a sister and a brother —

To be rosy cheeked, frankincense streaked, nimble-limbed,

loose baby tooth grinnin’, sinnin’-on-a-whim

sponges of Looney Tune mantras we’d strive

Before the materialistic, money-money lust

And a Midlife Crises’ melancholic musk

Ground & ground your grandeur to dust,

& scattered it all in the secrecy of dusk —

Ashes of a loved one gone w/out a trace —

Before we could truly savor the flavor of your grace.

Like tender skinned Buddhas fresh from our palace,

Mortified by the cactus-touch of the world’s malice

We became. A lame-named generation

Experiencing the Illuminati ticks, political pricks

And giant dicks of Corporate America in full gyration,

Schmoozing about Washington Bay in their snazzy bathtubs

With Lady Liberty aboard twerkin’ with a golf-club

In one hand, a bacon-wrapped shrimp kabob in the other

Whilst the rest of us are left on the shore, pickin’

Washed up scraps from their smorgasbords, thinkin’

“What a bunch of sphincters stinkin’ w/ their charm

While Karma’s over here just a twistin’ my arm.”

Serenity, sweet Antoinette. Do not you remember me?

For three years feeling as useless as an old marionette

I’ve drifted dull as rubbish through bottles & cigarettes

Down the Louisiana delta of a maudlin mindset

In search of your Bourbon Street extravaganza

T’no success. Stuck here instead puking-up this

Stupid stanza in my house all a mess — stressed

From its dishes over-flowing, garbage beginning to mildew,

the lawn’s in need of mowing & again the mortgage’s due.

Sunken-eyed, without rest, I’m spent… I miss you…

Away you went, Serenity & alone I still am. Me,

Languid as a log rotting in a bog, and you,

You phantasmal Tenochtitlan, evanesced

W/ your Persian pleasures, tranquil Aztec treasures

Of dolce far niente once caressed about my mind

– enlightenment caliente.

You, you Road Runner risqué du l’lovebirds

Eloped w/ Father Time — both still on the honeymoon

It seems — & me, the Wiley Coyote out of schemes

To swoon you mine. Me, the awkward chain-smokin’

Pepe le Pu, drunk as a skunk to forget this funk.

To dumb nubs I’ve gnawed my nails down.

Ever-broader stretches the bald of my crown. Me, the

Dope-head Mississippi hippie, hopeless romantic hobo,

My life on slow-mo. along the worn avenue I hobble

Sort of wishin’ the asphalt would gobble me whole

Whilst I make another lugubrious stroll

To work my mind-numbing nine-to-five,

Wonderin’ “Lawd, why’m I alive?”

Bard-bearded, bare-footed, my chubby rump

Haggard and dragged through the slump

Of growin’-up’s paperweight responsibilities

& unrealistic 401k’s kickin’ me in my knees.

Slowly & surely, one by one the gargantuan

Makeshift crosses of my adolescence arises;

Struggling in an age no longer full of surprises…

Happiness’s only possible on silly commercials

& ridiculous billboards of imbeciles

W/ their “money-back guarantees”,

And shit’s the merit of college degrees.

Away I go, doomed to blue gloomed malady

To ravage, reign and ruin the beatific melody

Once trumpeting proudly in my heart… alas,

I’m from Serenity a whole planet apart.

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