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The Key

As I sit upon my porch and ponder

Of the earth and of heavens yonder,

I hear from afar in harmonious key

Easter’s orchestra of serenity:

Loquacious ducks, caroling crickets,

Frisky frogs, brisk foxes in thickets,

Yodeling birds, busily buzzing bees,

Spunky squirrels, and whispering trees.

“O ‘tis Spring! ‘tis Spring!” they sing,

“No more Demeter’s tears shall sting!”

Emulous hymns enchased of wisdom

Heartfelt by Nature’s embraced bosom,

Defrosting the spirits last season froze

Of those oblivious to the bliss earth bestows;

Those too blind in the ears, far too deaf to see

Mother Earth’s mirth is the richest symphony.

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