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30,000 Pills

Updated: May 7

30,000 pills.

Dirty, detrimental thrills…

On the brink I stood, arms outstretched

for Hell’s mollycoddle;

A wretch, hoodwinked to think

Heaven’s in an amber bottle…

Its cackles like rattlesnake maracas…

What a cost… What a cost…

My ischemic chakras in shackles

tossed in the Lake.


Ridiculously bored…

Redundantly diabolical…


(Charismatic American Lunatic) as they come;

“Carpe Noctis” like a swastika

Chiseled across my skull, I went seekin’ shelter

Helter Skelter

Like a shit flushed down,


down the

all-American toilet bowl


its sceptic tank overflowing at the brim

w/ its carcinogen crustaceans skulking

to & fro.

The evening’s cast includes:

Ghettofabulous, bass buzzin’ Cadillacs –

bibulous busstop hobos and their maggot

grins – crocodilian skinned junkies –

panhandlin’ Capuchin monkeys in assless

chaps – ye ol’ eviscerated mom ‘n’ pop

stops & barber shops iron bar garbed –

icy harlots doomed to crack, flashin’ their

cootchs & blowin’ their smooches t’anyone

‘cept a cop – dreadlocked buskers w/out

even a nickel to huzzah over – washed up

rappers w/ barnacles on their egos, still

hustlin’ that same mixtape from ’99 –

cartel Mazatec shamans concealing cheap

enlightenment in their coat pockets…

Classic cinema of shit ‘n’ piss slums.

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