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Updated: May 7

I want t’chop off the dreadlocks of Fate

& use ‘em t’maybe try ‘n’ lasso me an angel,

a soulmate

T’nuzzle & snuggle, jugglin’ any struggle,

& muzzling all the hate and pessimism

Of a muggle world in which our romance’s

The rainbow throughout its eldritch prism.

We’d dance in the rain and laugh ‘n’ shout

In the snow. Always together no matter the weather,

W/ tender rays we’d grow

Cytherean chrysanthemums, lavender and rose,

Lolly-gaggin’ along growling shadows,

Strummin’ on our mandolins

Indian myths and ramblings of our cosmic origin.

& every Valentine’s we’ll swoon

And we’ll dine

w/ peppermints and wine,

Reminiscing the moments since my sun

& her moon

Eclipsed, lips embraced in an electric,

Yin-yang syzygy;

Our feng shui the dragonfly sharp-eyed

And still atop the lotus.

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