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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

You can kiss my cheek, thinkin’ you’re sleek, but nevermore, sincerity from you I’ll seek. I’ve learned to recognize the sorcery swirling like incense behind your eyes. Those bruja lies brewed daily from that oubliette you call a heart. I’m not your puppet. Keep those unsalted slugs off my skin. Silence that salamander secreting hocus-pocus between your grin! And, perhaps, I’m too irascible from ridicule, but, honey, no more, no more, NO MORE will you play me like a fool. Love’s wicked wick is snuffed, and I’ve had enough! Let’s be real with this; it’s time you pay for your soul-sucking sex-appeal & kiss! I’ll turn you over like an unsuspecting stone & confronted you’ll squirm, shocked I could expose the worms writhing among the romantic rot of your breath, as if our love hadn’t already reeked for weeks now of death!

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