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Dreamland Laid

O how many men,

So many smitten

Amidst their snore.

O how many men,

Those fellas itchin’

For a score; seekin’

that buxom sex-kitten,


out of every pore.

Not pussyfooting like a mouse,

Since it ain’t risky when your spouse’s

Snugly sleepin’, and you’re frisky,

Smugly creepin’

For a spicy midnight snack;

Knock, knock, knockin’,

On her soft bordello door.

One by one, Sandman’s aphrodisiac’s

Got ‘em arriving in a craze. Hyenas willy-nilly

Sweatin’ for that desiree’s sweet soufle’ – Wham bam

merci madam –

fulfilling all their filthy advances - dirty amygdala romances she’ll amuse -

Seamen demons in secrecy

Splooged in tissues

From those many men

Those tomcats nippin’

She won’t declaw.

Come along now dreamin’

Of midnight’s fille de joie.

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