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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Laying alone along the esplanade,

Sprawled like a starfish, cold as a cod,

My thoughts’re scattered like a school

Of spooked anchovy, & occasionally,

Feelin’ as stiff and unlovely

As an Easter Island statuette, I sit up

To watch the sun set moribundly

To yellow… orange… maroon.

That Great Glowing Truth floundering t’some

Dewy eyed shore of the nether realm,

But here,

In the now, all hearts and coupled initials writ

By the water’s edge the waves overwhelm.

The sundry sea-shelled sights and

salty seagull sonatas

From the pier dissolve into miscible nonsense.

The beach towels are folded;

The sobbing infant’s scolded

For touching that tantalizing stinging jelly;

And the whole world rolls over on her belly

To a sleepy lay.

Although I could care less

Due to another dumb, humdrum midnight to wander

I’m castaway… & another… & another… & another

(Breaking news: another sad, homeless soul roams the streets in Biloxi!!!)

When a man’s doomed to judgmental glances

& beer-bottled romances.

Sneakin’ and stinkin’ w/ tail between my knees,

I’m the Smeagol tweakin’, the mongrel with fleas,

Mumbling the mumbo-jumbo of a kid off the grid;

Moon-maddened by delusions of his Id

On empty streets where the midnight trains wail and


Mocking OPEN signs of pubs wink an invite t’no one;

skittish, emerald-eyed street cats

are always on the run,

As I too run through

all the damn missed chances from my adolescence,

Playing them over and over like a nickelodeon

‘till every bit of my self-respect

Is sliced ‘n’ diced into the chump bucket

& forgotten

to the point I think Fuck it

and simply disconnect from society.

And when the Great Truth’ll return,

marvelous as a roman candle

w/ its relentless burn

I’ll be long gone:

A sunburnt soul absconding for shade,

Dawn to dusk, ‘till the next afternoon fade

When I’ll push out of my mind again

e’ery mistake in life I’ve made.

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