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Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx Sixx Sixx, 4-string maestro,

Crucified misfit of the American Dream;

The ritzy Whisky-a-Go-Go aficionado

Of runaways w/ rebellion to redeem.

Black hawk astir against the sky blue;

Bastard troubadour of candor askew;

The cavity of creativity;

Sex Pistol

Disciple of the Sunset Strip;

Prodigious poisoned apple trip

W/ enough adolescent angst

To make Manson cringe;


In 100mph remedial pandemonium;

Rhapsodic, narcotic as they come…

From lily to livewire;

poverty to empire.

The “King of Sleaze”

W/ debauchery on her knees.

But to be the king of the Hollywood obscene,

Down the insidious path of vice ye’ll tread,

Unshod, a motley martyr of morality shed

‘til every drug’s flowed from vein to head;

Destined to crash,

dumped blue in the trash,

But lo! Not even OD could keep Nikki dead!

And onward he goes in miraculous longevity,

A legend to be; flamboyant Frankenstein;

& the lascivious shiver up America’s modest spine.

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