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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

(Featured on Humans of the World -

Look at me.

Look at me.


Pick up the phone.

Put down the book.

Hang my heart

For “likes”

On fanatical fishhooks.

See my pet;

See my dinner;

& don’t forget

How much I’m thinner.

Scroll & scroll & scroll.

Internet lusting;

Internet trolls

That keep thrusting

Their generic junk

Into my DM’s.

Wanna see me face to face?

Give me a week’s notice,

Or Lord I’m cursin’ them

When they show up at my place.

Piss off, you. You person

Of normal encounters;

I’m done with the downers

Of “social interactions.”


Wholesome reactions

Like handicapped figure skaters —

Love’s on one end with warm embrace,

But the other is haters

when you fall on your face.

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