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Star Wars

Comforting comets

Keep bombarding the brain

Of this wide-eyed, open armed

beatnik child,

their impacts making as strong as tektite my spirit

For the impending day

Indefatigable ol’ Death summons us

To dance, dance, dance

eternity away –

Perhaps a two-step or a tango,

Trip-hoppin’ to the celestial disco.

He’ll be punctual as usual,

The ancient charioteer ushering

His steeds ablaze as a Balrog’s heart

towards us

As decrepitly we crawl from our earthly holes

Shivering, eyes stitched, blind as moles;

The stench of corpse beginning to loom

As e’er the more drawn we’re to our doom,

our doom.

But O I know Harmony in her grim guise’ll

Hum with the force of a gamma burst,

Opening our eclipsed eyes -

The dark mattered truth revealed -

Our Fate, a lifetime determined, sealed,

Foudroyant as the first sudden gasp of air

Resurfacing from a lake you thought for certain

In which you

Were to drown

As She alights her carriage,

A nimbus of Andromeda about Her hair;

Tresses of loving shadow and ray;

A smile as homely as the Milky Way;

One eye Venus, the other Mars,

And Earth the mad mind in the middle

In its magnificent syzygy, embracing us

in Her stelliferous fleece

Wove in angelic secrecy. & as soft with peace

As only a mother could, she’ll whispers to her

Un-borns of the beyond

For us to cruise the cosmic pond

Like one baby duckling at a time.

No more dancing shoez. Unshod soulz

To boogie in the ballroom of space sublime.

Seep into that deep sleep. Swim to the cynosure

Of all life’s mysteries solved, all sorrow resolved -

No reputations to keep. Nowhere tomorrow t’be –

Just be free… Then we’ll know true closure.

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