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The Crossroad

All alone in adolescence

with head held high

I treaded

Along the only roses of reason I’d ever known

Till the petals spilt into three,

and with a sigh

I dreaded

How briefly befuddled life became about me.

Behind me was my Past,

A miscreant’s shit-show of pain,

So t’ave turned ‘n’ ricocheted

Would just be more shit

down the drain.

Abreast me was my Present,

And, though pleasant when idle,

The dreams of this nomad

Waste no time bridled.

Thus, before me was my Future

& fraught was I with doubt

If my own inner fire

I would stoke or fizzle out.

Nevertheless, though existentially stressed,

Skin ‘n’ bone starved and salivating,

I fantasized ‘neath the lingerie Destiny dressed

Was my purpose awaiting,

For why should I settle

For lukewarm norm.

Dumb and mum as an unused tea kettle

Instead for a life fulfilled in any form?

Every day’s so much a gamble w/ every amble

Rife of crippling folds

& the rare royal flushes of relief

w/ their brief samples of “happily-ever-after,”

standing bold through so many tough tears

and laughter in denial of adventure’s dangerous crafter,

so no other desire had I than t’progress!

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